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My Story

I was born in Illinois, grew up in Arizona and moved to Midland, Texas with my husband and at the time, our 6 month old son, in 2004. People ask "Why Midland?" Well, my husband is a Lee graduate and he was born and raised here! This is where his family is and I always thought Midland was a great place to raise our family. Now we have our handsome son and beautiful daughter. Texas has truly blessed me with more then I feel I deserve and I feel like I should've been a "Texas Girl" all along. I was amazed at Scentsy when I first learned about it. I have always been a candle person, but when we got a kitten, I was concerned he would mess with the flame and set the house on fire. Then we had children, same fear. When I was introduced to Scentsy, I was hooked. Now after 3 years of loving it in my home, safely, I decided to join. Scentsy is a safe alternative to candles that can burn. The Scentsy wax is a paraffin based wax, so while yes it melts, if you stick your finger in it, it will not burn you. Scentsy warmers also come with a Lifetime Guarentee! I absolutely LOVE the product and stand behind it 100%. As I stated before, I feel safe having it warming in my home (every room of it) with 2 active children and animals. I invite you to try it if you are new to Scentsy, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! <!--endbody-->